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Premises liability generally involves a claim against the landowner or the occupier of land who is responsible for an injury that you have sustained. It often involves a trip and fall or a slip and fall which occurred on the property. The duty which is owed to you by a landowner is what is generally foreseeable. A commercial landowner owes the greatest duty to someone who is there for business purposes. This could mean that you were a customer or simply walking on their sidewalk. The duty that is owed to you by residential owners is often much less.

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As the duty which is owed to you by the landowner is complicated, we encourage you to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney who can assess what the responsibilities are and guide you in the process of making a claim.

If your accident has just occurred and you are severely injured, call 911 or request that someone calls 911. Stay where you are and wait for assistance. Allow the EMTs to assess you and help you determine if you need to be transported to the hospital. Use your health insurance, that’s what you have it for. Call your primary care physician and see your doctor as soon as possible. Please be certain to give all of your physical complaints to the medical providers.

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If appropriate speak with anyone who is around you and ask them what they saw. Take down their names and phone numbers as they are witnesses to your accident. If you are injured inside on a dangerous condition or substance, inquire from the employees of the facility whether they were aware of the dangerous condition or substance before you fell. If appropriate, take photographs of the dangerous condition and the facility.

When you get home, call an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your potential case at length.

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