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In general legal malpractice is the failure of your attorney to live up to the generally accepted standards of legal practice which proximately causes you harm. The claim is usually made against your own attorney, who represented you in a prior action, and it was his or her failure to live up to the generally accepted standards of practice which has directly caused you harm. The harm is often the loss of your entire case, but also could be that your damages were severely constrained by your attorney’s actions. The claim is usually made once the action or purpose for which they were hired has concluded. Maran & Maran, PC is responsible for the New Jersey Supreme Court’s decision that preserves your right to conclude the underlying action prior to beginning a lawsuit against your former attorneys.


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At Maran & Maran, PC, we have brought actions against attorneys who have failed to properly prosecute all types of personal injury actions, real estate transactions, medical malpractice cases, product liability actions, and third-party actions (these are cases for a workman who was injured pursuant to the negligence of someone other than their employer or a co-employee.) Candidly, actions against matrimonial attorneys and criminal attorneys are very difficult to prosecute.


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At Maran & Maran, PC, we have been suing negligent attorneys for 30 years. These actions are complicated and require an additional attorney who will act as an expert witness to prepare a report, an affidavit of merit, and be willing to go to Court to testify on your behalf. Contact us to discuss your potential case.

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