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Why Should Someone Contact An Attorney In A Trucking Accident?

Oct. 29, 2019

What Should Someone Do If They Have Been In A Trucking Accident?

People must get medical attention immediately and deal with the obvious first, which is getting the appropriate first aid and emergency care. Depending on the complexity of truck accidents, it’s a good idea to call an experienced personal injury attorney, one who has handled truck accidents before.

What’s The Complexity Of Trucking Accidents? Why Would Someone Need An Experienced Attorney To Handle A Trucking Accident Case?

There are some specific things that can be done in trucking accidents that sometimes don’t apply to automobile accidents. It’s easier to trace the history of those particular trucking companies and sometimes even that particular truck. Since there are national registries for the trucks and the trucking companies, a research can be done to see if they have had problems before. The research can tell if they have been stopped and cited by police or other agencies for failure to follow all the rules of the road. These issues could be that their truck was overweight or not loaded correctly or has failed inspections over time.

There have been many rollovers where trucks were simply not loaded correctly. Many times, more sophisticated experts are involved, whether it’s the trucking engineer, automotive engineer, or it’s someone who is more skilled in loads or roadway design. Like modern cars, trucks also have black boxes within them and computers that keep track of what took place immediately prior to an accident.

Newark NJ Truck Accident Lawyer

That information can be obtained and analyzed by the correct specialist who can reveal the data and what it implies. It could tell the speed the truck was traveling at immediately prior to striking his brakes with the fact that he didn’t strike his brakes at all. You can certainly check for recall information, you can look at the dealers who sold the trucks and whether any modifications were made or should have been made.

There is a lot more digging that is required in a severe truck accident and someone with experience in truck accidents is going to know to look to these things and to dig when required. With dashcams becoming more and more prevalent, they can try to get that video, or look for a video from other sources from the surrounding buildings.

There is a lot more problems solving that goes into a truck accident. There is a clear understanding of all the different variables. Whether you are looking at the way the load is in the trailer or the bed of the truck, whether you’re looking at the information from the black box, or the NTSB to find the official reports, help is essential. Go to an experienced attorney who has done this before, knows the different ways the investigation has to run, knows the different experts that may have to be hired and pursues it.

Newark, NJ Truck Accident Attorney

If you have been in a Trucking Accident Causing Personal Injury, Contact An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney Immediately. Call the law office of David Maran Esq. for a free initial consultation at (973) 622-5303 and get the information and legal answers you’re seeking.