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Why Hire An Attorney In A Personal Injury Case?

Oct. 29, 2019

What Expertise Can David Maran Esq. Provide To Clients Regarding Maximizing The Medical Coverage Options Available To Them?

It’s a very straightforward analysis about who is responsible for the bills by properly setting up a claim.

If it’s PIP, it’s the PIP application is sent to the correct insurance company with the backup to prove to them that you’re entitled to that coverage. It’s then a matter of forwarding medical bills and following up to ensure that they are paid.

In the situations with PIP, there is that $1,200 which is not paid on $5,000. It is reminding and assisting the client to get the explanation of benefits and another copy of the bill resubmitted to healthcare, which is then secondary insurance, to get even that small amount paid.

In case of Medicare, it’s far easier. The client merely shows their Medicare card and provides the information to the provider and sees to it that those bills are handled and paid. It’s a matter of evaluating what are called EOBs, or Explanation of Benefits, as they are received from any of the carriers. We line them up side by side with the medical bills and see that the bill was submitted, handled and paid.

The idea is get to every bill paid as quickly as possible and that really requires an attention to detail. It is understanding where those bills need to go during the application process and following up to see that all bills are submitted, processed and paid.

Why Is It Important To Get In Touch With An Experienced Newark, NJ Personal Injury Attorney?

Everything depends upon the specific circumstances of a particular accident. There are a lot of finer points in every specific situation. Once you start down the correct road, you have to work within the procedures that you have to follow under those circumstances.

It is certainly worthwhile to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney right up front to make sure that you are properly handling the case.

Newark NJ Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been in an Accident Causing Personal Injury, get in touch with a Personal Injury Attorney or call the law office of Attorney David Maran for a free initial consultation at (973) 622-5303 and get the information and legal answers you’re seeking.