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What Should Someone Do If They’ve Been In A Slip And Fall Accident?

Oct. 29, 2019

Assuming the person’s on the ground, first assess whether you need immediate medical help. That’s the most important thing. Tend to yourself physically. You shouldn’t be embarrassed and you shouldn’t pop up immediately. So lie there for a moment and physically assess yourself.

Make sure everything is working right. Make sure that everything moves correctly, and if so, get up gradually, possibly with someone’s help, to make sure that if you’re unsteady on your feet, they’re there to help you get back down again if you need to.

So first assess physically whether you’re able to stand up again, and if so do so. At that point if you need help, once again, ask for help, or ask someone to call for help or call 911 to get immediate medical help. These are obviously the most important things.

If you are not badly hurt at that point, try to assess your surroundings. See if anyone actually saw you fall, as witnesses tend to quickly disappear. Ask for their name and number so that you can contact them later. Even consider asking them what they saw if you are able to do so. Everyone carries a cell phone today. Take photographs of the condition that caused you to fall. Figure out how you fell.

At times, people just don’t have any concept of why they’re on the ground, but yet they’re lying in a pool of wet ice. If you’re not sure of how you fell, look around you, look at the ground. See what’s going on.

If you feel you slipped and there’s snow and ice there, that must have been how you fell. If there’s a raised sidewalk or a portion of the floor or a hole in the floor or a depression or anything else, notice that and take pictures of it. If you don’t have a cell phone with you, maybe a bystander does. But try to figure out how you fell and if possible, document it.

When Should Someone Seek Out the Services Of An Attorney If They’ve Been Injured In An Accident Like This?

It is generally advised that people must first get emergency care. If they need emergency care, that’s their first order of business. If they need to go to the hospital, they should go to the hospital. They should tell everyone what happened and get the immediate medical care that they need.

Hopefully, they’ve had the opportunity to figure out why they fell. Perhaps they’ve obtained the names of people who saw them fall, and if they’re incredibly lucky, they’ve also taken photographs of the conditions, which caused them to fall.

Once the things are medically stable, they should be calling an attorney who’s experienced in personal injury matters because these situations vary so widely on what responsibility the owner of that piece of land, property, building, or structure has to them.

Steps To Follow If Someone Has Been Involved In A Slip And Fall Accident

They need to call an attorney in a personal injury matter right away, without worrying about whether they’re going to be obligated to that attorney. In New Jersey, any attorney who does this generally works on contingency, which means they’re paid on success, and they’re more than willing to give a free consultation.

So, you have nothing to lose by reaching out to an attorney, finding out what your rights are, what’s going on. Get a little guidance, generally for free.

David talks to people all day long. He’s more than happy to speak with someone who could benefit from his experience, and he’s more than willing to share that, and if ultimately they wish to sign with him, that’s great, but it’s not a condition of him talking to you.

He will talk to pretty much anyone that’s suffered an injury and try to help them as best as he can. So there should be no fear in calling the very best you can. Don’t fear at all because the attorney is going to speak with you and give you some basic guidance on how to get things going.

Should People Wait For Things To Get Better On Their Own Instead Of Seeking Medical Assistance?

Not really. It’s always prudent to document everything by getting examined by a doctor, know how they fell, just in case they get a problem that doesn’t surface right away, or doesn’t go away like they expected it to.

In most cases when someone falls, and they bump or bruise, they don’t feel anything immediately. A lot of times, people might say I don’t need to go to the doctor, I feel fine, and then tomorrow they may say, I’m hurting.

That happens a lot. Many times they wake up the following day and all of a sudden they have a back ache that they’ve never had before. Many people just seem to shake things off and move on, and most of the time that works out just fine, but just in case it doesn’t, they should follow the simple steps outlined above.

Don’t Wait Too Long For Medical Care

Waiting for a day or two is probably fine although it’s always prudent to have a medical exam just to rule out anything serious that needs immediate attention. There’s probably nothing wrong with waiting a couple of days to see if everything goes away.

However, waiting for medical care for weeks or in some situations months for a condition which just seems to get worse is not prudent because at that point it will be questioned that the problems that they have stem from the slip and fall incident.

Is It Important To Follow Doctor’s Recommended Treatment Plan Or Care?

In any medical situation, you’re always your own best advocate. People are very fond of doing a little bit medical research, generally on the internet. There’s so much information available today once they’ve been given a diagnosis by a competent medical person as to what potential courses of treatment might be. When talking about sprains and strains; these are very well-known areas.

Usually, doctors want to do very conservative care at the beginning which generally involves physical therapy, rest, heat, or things like that to allow the body to heal. You certainly never rush into any surgical options until you’re completely convinced that it’s absolutely necessary. Most people would do the research to confirm that it was the best course of action.

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