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What Are Slip & Fall and Trip & Fall Accidents?

Oct. 29, 2019

Definition Of Slip & Fall And Trip & Fall In A Personal Injury Case In New Jersey

Slip & Fall and Trip & Fall are called defective premises cases and they vary a great deal depending on the circumstances of the fall. They are referred to as defective premises.

How Common Are These Types Of Cases?

Trip & Fall and Slip & Fall accidents are incredibly common. Almost everyone falls at some point in their life and thankfully most of the time they’re not seriously hurt.

Legal Standards Surrounding Premises Liability and Their Relation To Defective Premises Cases

It depends upon the circumstances of the fall. Did the person fall on a private property? Was that private property in a residential setting? Was the private property in a commercial setting? Was the owner a public entity?

There are rules or laws for each of those circumstances. It also depends on whether the person was there for business or for personal reasons. They could even be a trespasser where they’re not really permitted to be there, and the law would be different in each of these situations.

Some Examples Of Conditions That Make It Right For This Type Of Accident To Occur

The one we see most commonly is that someone slips on ice or snow in the winter time. Most of us have slipped on ice or snow at some point in our lives and most of the time we’re not hurt, but at times we are. This is probably the most common thing.

In other cases, sometimes you trip on something that is a trip hazard. It really shouldn’t be there and yet it is, and your foot catches it and you fall forward because your foot just gets hung up on this generally raised piece of a sidewalk or a stairway etc.

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