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FAQs In A Personal Injury Settlement

Oct. 29, 2019

Are Medical Bills Typically Paid Out In A Personal Injury Settlement?

Typically, they have to be dealt with. Many times they are already paid by another source. However, one must clearly pay attention to those medical bills to make sure there are no additional obligations when you are done.

Will The Reimbursement Include Medical Bills That Are Already Paid Or Future Medical Treatments?

The situation varies based upon what kind of case it is and where the source of the payment for the medical bills would come from. For example, in a motor vehicle accident, usually there is something called PIP or Personal Injury Protection.

PIP would provide for payment of all medical bills including future medical bills under most circumstances and not be required to be reimbursed out of the settlement. That’s only one example. It does vary based on the type of case it is and the circumstances.

When Someone Is Injured In An Accident, Who Is Going To Pay For The Out Of Pocket Medical bills From The Start?

It depends on what kind of case it is. For motor vehicle accidents, it’s generally going to be PIP. If it’s an accident while you were working, it is going to be workers’ compensation. If it’s an accident that occurs pretty much anywhere else, you turn to your own health insurance first. It’s very important that you carry health insurance because it is always your go-to place when there is no other coverage.

What If Someone Calls The Law Firm Of David Maran After They Are Injured At Work?

The office of David Maran doesn’t handle workers’ compensation cases. However, we take those calls all the time.

If you are injured at work and call our office, first of all, we take detailed fact patterns of how the accident occurred and explain to you a basic understanding of what you get from workers’ compensation. You may get authorized medical bills or authorized medical care, temporary wages while you’re out of work, and finally you get something for permanent disability, which is only assessed much later.

We will then offer to refer you to a workers’ compensation specialist. Generally, we will send you to someone who is certified in workers’ compensation cases and that’s all they do. The people who go to worker’s compensation court everyday are the people that get things done quicker. They get the best numbers at the end and are used to dealing with all the nuances of the workers’ compensation system.

The reason a full fact pattern is taken is because if someone, other than the employer or a co-employee, is responsible for the accident, then there is a direct claim called Third Party Claim. That is when the office of David Maran will get involved.

Third party claims and workers’ compensation claims are handled at the same time. That way the client is fully protected by that specialist in workers’ comp and by a specialist in personal injury matters. That direct claim is going to be some form of a personal injury case, whether it is a motor vehicle accident or injury on someone else’s premises or even injured by a defective machine.

In each of those situations, someone other than the employer or a co-employee is responsible to you for your injury.

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