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FAQs About Trucking Accidents In New Jersey

Oct. 29, 2019

How Common Are Trucking Accidents In New Jersey?

Trucking accidents are fairly common. Car accidents are certainly far more frequent in New Jersey. New Jersey is a very densely populated state with lots of vehicles on the road. We also deal with some very rough winters at times, which can increase the amount of truck accidents on any given day.

What Type Of Vehicles Are Referred To In Truck Accidents?

The type of vehicles, refers to everything from tractor-trailers to any other commercial vehicle. You can even lump in the automobiles which are carrying commercial plates. A commercial plate in New Jersey begins with an X or sometimes commonly called X plates. They include all different sized vehicles but, the ones that most people think of, are the tractor-trailers or large straight trucks, which are non-articulated vehicles.

Is There A Certain Type Of Truck That Is Involved More Often Than Others In These Types Of Accidents?

No. There is no particular truck that may be more likely to be involved in an accident than another.

Are These Vehicles Subject To Different Regulations And Laws Than Automobiles?

There are more regulations concerning the larger trucks. All operators must have a CDL or commercial driver’s license that require a greater knowledge to pass the CDL test. They are also subjected to all kinds of federal guidelines with regard to how long they can drive each day and how much rest they must obtain in between long distance driving.

Most drivers take frequent rest breaks between driving long distance miles. One of the things we all fear is that someone driving an eighteen wheeler tractor-trailer falls asleep, and that truck becomes uncontrollable. This is a cause for great concern; the outcome is usually a devastating one. In New Jersey, there was a large truck accident over a year ago that involved the comedian Tracy Morgan, from Saturday Night Live. The driver was driving a tractor-trailer from Walmart, when the driver fell asleep and caused the accident, which severely injured Morgan and also caused a fatality.

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