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FAQs About The Claims Process In Trucking Accidents

Oct. 29, 2019

How Can Someone Begin A Claim Process After Being Involved In A Trucking Accident?

Like any accident involving a motor vehicle, it’s a good idea to call a Personal Injury specialist. Most people are unaware of where they have to go, to get their medical bills paid, or getting the car serviced after an accident. Most people when involved in an accident might suffer some sort of shock and not realize what’s involved. Where do we proceed from here, and what is the next step.

People don’t know who is responsible for the upcoming medical bills if any.. They don’t know if they can get the other guy’s insurance to pay for their vehicle either. Every claim is different.

One goes to their own automobile insurance policy and presents the claim for medical bills. At times, there are variations to that. For instance if someone is in a private passenger automobile, they use their own insurance company for something called PIP (Personal Injury Protection). PIP should pay their medical bills. If they don’t have their own policy, a secondary scenario would be to use the policy of a relative that they live with for those PIP benefits.

If there is no PIP policy in the household at all, then they go to the policy of the car that they were riding in as a passenger. If all else fails, the state has a way to have the benefits paid. That’s a special application and notice of intention and it may involve other procedures and time limits.

What Is The Timeframe To File A Suit In A Trucking Accident In New Jersey?

All of the timeframes are the same, whether it’s a truck or a car. The only time it might be different is whether a notice of claim is required by a public entity. However, that’s a separate issue.

Statute of limitations for adults is two years in the State of New Jersey. Make a claim as soon as possible. You really want to apply for PIP benefits immediately to get that file open and get your bills paid.

Then there is something called income continuation, which might be available to you. It is temporary disability. There are also essential services, there are death benefits in fatal cases. There is no reason to wait to file that PIP claim to pay your bills. With regard to filing suit, that’s all strategy.

When Is The Appropriate Time To Either Deal With The Insurance Company For The Defendant Directly Or File Suit And Deal With It Through Litigation?

There are many factors which go into those decisions. Almost every personal injury attorney in New Jersey, would be more than pleased to give free consultations over the telephone to guide the person through the initial steps.

The office of Attorney David Maran also allows Free initial consultations to new clients. The big question people ask is, who pays for my car. If you have collision coverage, you should use it. That’s what you bought it for. Your company will subrogate against the truck or other person who is responsible. Not only will your company get their money back, they will also get back your deductible.

People should have no fear of their collision coverage. You have a lot more control over where the vehicle is fixed, the quality of the mechanic that you choose to repair it and control to make sure it’s completely fixed. Your companies will then go ahead and try to get that money back from the other company, hopefully returning your deductible. That’s the approach with regard to vehicles.

If you don’t have collision, then you or your attorney will have to contact the truck’s insurance company, offer them the opportunity to inspect the vehicle, if at all possible. Let them inspect it at your body shop, let your body shop negotiate with them as opposed to you negotiating with them. Your body shop knows what needs to be done and is in a far better position to make sure that they get everything that’s required to bring your vehicle back to perfect form.

Get information about the Claims Process In Trucking Accidents or call the law office of David Maran Esq. for a free initial consultation at (973) 622-5303 and get the information and legal answers you’re seeking.