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FAQs About Med-Pay Insurance Coverage

Oct. 29, 2019

What Is Med-Pay Insurance Coverage? Under What Circumstances Would This Type Of Coverage Be Used?

Med-Pay Insurance is used in the case of property owners, anything from a home owner to a commercial property owner. Their insurance policies for the property have a provision called Med-Pay or Medical Payments coverage.

On a typical home owner’s policy, there is often a policy which might provide $2,000 to $5,000 in medical coverage. It could be more but it’s often much lower. Typically, you’ll see $2,000 in Med-Pay coverage. This is extremely useful especially when there are situations where the person has no insurance whatsoever. There might not even be any liability, meaning it’s the person’s own fault when they got hurt in which case, that home owner’s policy will step in and pay those bills.

However, this is a fallback coverage used when needed. If there is no insurance coverage to pay the bills, then that coverage can be accessed. If the person is on Medicare or Medicaid, any claim that’s successful where Medicare or Medicaid has paid bills, has to be repaid.

You’ll see circumstances where the medical payments portion of the coverage, repay Medicare along the way so that they don’t have a lien at the end of the day when the case is concluded.

It’s especially useful in that situation where the client does not have any insurance coverage which might pay his bills.

Do Most People Have Med-Pay Insurance On Their Home Owners Insurance?

It used to be most of the time. It varies policy to policy. It’s seen less and less on commercial policies, but there are small amounts of that coverage on home owner’s policies typically.

The job of the attorney is to find out right upfront if there is Med-Pay available to the client and that’s one of the things that the office of David Maran will do. Moreover, it’s important to find out that information because once in a while, those provisions contain a much shorter time period within which you must request it.

Some Med-Pay policies may require that you submit those bills for payment within one year, which is shorter than the usual 2-year time period available to start a suit in most situations.

What Are Some Policy Limits From Med-Pay? Who Is Responsible For Paying The Bills Once The Maximum Is Met?

One thing that’s pretty hard to take is no matter who is responsible for an accident, the client is the person receiving the medical care and is always responsible for those medical bills. Many times the accident is not the client’s fault and they want to know why they are responsible for the medical bills. The reason is, the client made a contract with that medical provider. The medical provider provides treatment and they expect payment.

That’s why it’s very important to find out who might also be responsible for those medical bills, whether it be the actual defendant or some form of insurance coverage somewhere.

If there is health insurance, then no matter how the accident occurs, even if there is no form of coverage, the health insurance will pay the bills. You just have to make sure to get your bills paid by your insurance if you have it. It’s very, very important.

Are People Surprised By That?

They are really shocked. They are coming in, they know the accident was caused by someone else and they just don’t understand why they are responsible for the medical bills.

If you were the injured person, you have to understand that you were the patient. You received the care and are responsible for the bills. Now, someone else might be responsible as well. However, you have to dispel that misunderstanding right away so people know that it’s important to do everything you can to get your bills paid and use every appropriate form of insurance that you have.

Do not wait and think that the other side or the defendant will pay your bills. You have to use your insurance. You are always responsible for your own bills. If you don’t get them paid, the doctors are going to be looking to you for payment.

If you need more information regarding Med-Pay Insurance Coverage, call the law office of Attorney David Maran for a free initial consultation at (973) 622-5303 and get the information and legal answers you’re seeking.