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Causes of Trucking Accidents and The Injuries Seen In These Accidents

Oct. 29, 2019

What Are Some Other Common Causes Of These Trucking Accidents Apart From The Driver Falling Asleep?

Other common causes are weather conditions. Weather is perhaps the principal factor in many accidents. Anything weather related, including a light rain and or snow where the road is just simply slippery, may cause a severe accident

Another reason is the actions of the drivers. They have limited visibility and the trucks are very large. It can be many different factors depending upon the given circumstances. In other cases, some of the drivers drive too fast in certain weather conditions. You may have seen large SUVs driving in the winter time that think they are unstoppable, but that is not the case. When the roadways are slick, the stopping distances are very long despite having that four-wheel drive.

What Are The Main Ways That Accidents Involving Trucks Can Differ From Passenger Vehicle Accidents?

The severity of the injuries is much greater. A greater number of fatalities are often seen involving trucking accidents. It is just much more deadly to be in an accident with a truck than it is to be in an accident with say a smaller vehicle.

What Are Some Severe Injuries Seen In These Accidents?

Trucking accidents involve many fatalities. An incident took place in New Jersey where a man, who was working with a road crew, was hit by a truck that jumped the barrier. The fatal accident was devastating to his family, leaving that family without a Father and a Husband.

After that accident, workers started using concrete barriers to separate the travel lanes of the road from the work area. They are now actually called, Jersey barriers, and came about shortly after this fatal case. Now you see Jersey barriers separating workmen who are on the roadway doing repairs from the travel lanes of the highways.

Another case involved a young man who was driving a Jetta. There was a multicar collision on the highway. The man was trapped between two tractor-trailers. There were fatalities in both cases.

At times accidents occur just simply because trucks have a larger turning radius, have less visibility, and it takes much longer for them to stop.

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